We are a network of highly experienced artisans in tech industry. We're here to help you build your #idea, #mvp, #app, #startup, #platform, #innovation, #solution, #business

Real Agile

We're a small team and we make decisions really really fast. We implement solutions without waiting for higher position's approval - because everyone is on the same level. We trust each other because we're all experts on the things that we do. On day one, we make the decisions on how we develop the platform and how we solve foreseen issues so we can deliver deployable progress every week.


How can you even afford a team of experts? Project price range is the same as how much traditional agencies would ask you but we don't rent office spaces. We also don't have to pay utility personels such as account executive, office admin, investors, board members, or project managers. That's how we - devs - get a bigger piece of the pie.


We don't do parallel projects like traditional design agencies out there. We focus on your project and we focus on your satisfaction. We build platforms that can scale easily. You're not just a client to us, we want to be your tech partner.

World Class Team

We're experienced in building platforms for big companies and created applications used by millions of people. We compliment each other's skills and we are synchronized. We have tested and proven teamwork.